If not, should I purchase uniforms from the saved up crystals?

Is it worth to get magneto pack if I am a long way from T2 ing all characters required for Jean and then collecting resources to upgrade her?(At least 2-3 months)

If not, should I purchase uniforms from the saved up crystals?
IW Cap,
IW Iron Man,
Sharon Rogers,

Is any of the above mentioned uniforms not worth it?

Any other suggestions for uniforms?

IGN:- halcyon2194

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Shuri is a more luxury uni, she is fine wo it. she doesnt need even T2 for SL, and in an endgame you will use her as a support and uni gives only 10% damage against SV comparing wo (45%/35%).

about deluxe pack or unis:

- if u r far from Jean,magneto pack gives u one character + some additional resource farming missions for 5100 (assuming you will get 1500 back)

- while you can buy 5 top 1750 unis + 1 1250 uni during BF which makes your 6 characters good.

you should go for deluxe packs only if you are almost done with Stryfe/Jean requirements, and can clear 25+ SL floor, score 100k+ on at least 12/14 ABX days, have enough characters for clearing WBU

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It is fine getting the magneto pack even if you still need some time to unlock Jean.


The thing is, with black friday around the corner, I think you are better off spending your crystals on uniforms. All the unifoms you mention are worth the money and you can extend your roster and build Jean slowly, if you feel like it!

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