Is it okay to use any attacking ISO sets for IW Rogers?

Is it okay to use any attacking ISO sets for IW Rogers? Heard that it will overwrite his 5. I'm using CTPE and OD on him cause I need characters to help clear WB Proxima 30+

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It’s the other way around. His 5 overwrites any attack iso set bonus.

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Gotcha, but I'm a bit confused here. What bonus is actually overwritten? The proc?

Yes the proc is overwritten but the stat bonuses are the same. That’s why a lot of people recommend DDE and IAAG because the stat bonuses are almost the same as most attack iso sets but the proc is different so it won’t get overwritten.

Is it okay to use DDE or IAAG with CTPE?

Yea that’ll work.

Gotcha. Thanks a lot for answering my noob questions.

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