I just T3'd my Deadpool and I have a question about his custom gear.

I just T3'd my Deadpool and I have a question about his custom gear. The current one is Crit Dmg, Dodge and 160% Proc while I have another one on reserve with Crit Dmg, GBI and Invince (3sec when 40% HP).

Should I switch? He seems a little squishy to me with the proc and the stat increase from his T3 advancement wasn't that great.

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Deadpool's T3 strength is in what the skill does to enemy defense values, not in the stat increases from T3 advancement.

Honestly, neither of those obelisks is optimal for DP. If you're going for PvE, you'll want something with a 200% damage proc (his current one is a good placeholder, though!). For PvP, it's GBI/whatever/5 sec invincibility.

Odin? He's way behind PvP meta these days & is in sore need of a uniform. If you play AC, toss the Invincibility one on him for now.

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Oh I know. I was just stating that as a fact. I see some top DPs and they have insane damage (25k+) while I'm sitting at around 17k. My card suck tho. Figured it might be better to focus on survivability, rather than be a mediocre glass cannon. Thanks for the advice on Odin. Yeah, I don't use him for PvP; should have specified it was for AC.

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3 secs is too little. I wouldn’t sacrifice a 160% proc for that. If you want an obelisk that really helps him it needs to have ITGB/HP or RR/4-5 secs Inv at least.

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Will do. Time to roll the dice on my custom gear and hope I get something nice.

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