As a newer player, if I was going to whale out on one of the ultimate character packs and Tier2 one, which one should I try?

As a newer player, if I was going to whale out on one of the ultimate character packs and Tier2 one, which one should I try? IGN: sTHUNDERc

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I you really want an ultimate, then go for nova.
You can get Blue Marvel bios from last story mission.

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Is it really that much of a content jumper if I do a PvP unit to T2 as a newer player? But I hear antiman is kinda niche for SL and XAB..

Well anti-man is good at xab because he is a villain, but he can’t do any good in pvp. As for SL, nova too can do pretty good in it.

How do they fare in WBU? More T3 advancement mats may be useful.

Both Nova & Anti-man can cover Cull Obsidian, Thanos, and earlier phases of Corvus & Ebony Maw ... but pretty much any T2 character of the right type can handle the first few phases of WBU. It's only when you start pushing above Phase 20 that you really need to break out the big guns for fast, reliable clears. More, you won't be seeing much of a difference in material drops until you start pushing above Phase 30. I have about half the available character roster to at least T2, 2 T3 characters, and enough CCF to advance 2 more. I play WBU Phase 1 almost all the time. As a newer player, I think you'd be better off dropping that money on crystals. Your roster will see a lot more overall improvement from the 6,195 crystals you'll get from the $50 crystal pack than it will from a $45 Ultimate pack.

In the form of one of the Jean/Stryfe packs? Or just many uniforms?

Mostly uniforms. 6195 crystals will get you 5 (almost 6) high-end uniforms during a standard uniform sale. 7 if we get 50% off on Black Friday. Those are essentially immediate upgrades for 5-7 characters, often taking an otherwise useless character to top-of-the-line. The Magneto/Psylocke packs are 6600 crystals & are excellent long-term investments that will improve your roster over time in the form of low-cost feeder bios and increased drops of Phoenix Feathers & M'Kraan Crystals.

So just build units for the Meta infinity war costumes, and probably focus a native t2 to build afterwards?

Yes. Getting a few unis is a monumentally better deal than building one Ultimate character. Winter Soldier, Captain America, Black Widow, War Machine are all amazing characters. Cap needs to be T3 to really take off, but even at T2 with his uni he is very usable. Widow is a more difficult character to use, but she is capable of doing a lot. War Machine has survivability issues, as does Winter Soldier, but great DPS. Winter Soldier's DPS is insane. Scarlet Witch is the best PVE character in the game with her uni at level 70. Thanos is top 2 TL character in the game with his IW uni and level 70. Buy some unis and save for the Magneto pack. You need this to get Jean. After you get the Magneto pack get the Psylocke pack. Psylocke is a much better character than Magneto, but Mags gets you to Jean and Jean is far better than Stryfe and easier to obtain since Stryfe requires Colossus(a pain to farm) and Cable who is a Native T2. Jean does not require nearly as much effort to acquire. Though Stryfe is still very good. Both the Wolverine and DP Epic Quests get you some great characters. Rogue, Storm, Cyclops, Fantomex, and Domino are all good and will help you clear Shadow Lands and most of them are good in AC.

Thanks for the advice! The root of my question remains though, I will spend money on crystals for unis and the deluxe packs anyways. What I want to know is which of the three ultimates is the biggest boost. I’ve unlocked all of them at rank 1, so in time I will level them all. Considering AntiMan because of s severe lack of villains in general

If you’re determined to build an Ultimate Nova is the best option. Can do SL, lower WBU and higherish Cull and Thanos, is a PVP meta. Antiman is a Villain and has an ABX day he’s tops for but anything after 100k doesn’t give any rewards and others are more than capable of getting 100k. Blue Marvel is nearly a PVP meta for TL & AC, can do SL, and can do lowering WBU. He can clear Ebony Maw past 20 which is the entry premium stages but your valor must be above the recommend limit since he’s straight energy damage with no elemental and he’s a defensive character.

Thank you for all the advice!

You want to get a good count of 4*/lvl40 characters to improve your coop stage bonus too.

I don’t use them for wbu so can’t tell.

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