Good characters for a CTP of refinement?

Good characters for a CTP of refinement? IGN: jerigoat97/jerigoat

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Captain America at T3 with a Refinement is a monster in TL and will keep you, at minimum, in the Top 20% of Vibranium. Cable, Quicksilver, Luna Snow, and Winter Solider are all better options for your CTPE. The Energy is good on Cap for ABX and WBU Proxima, but the others do more WBU and let's be honest ABX does not give extra rewards past 100k so it's absolutely pointless.

Other than Cap; Wolverine and Hulk are good with a Refinement. Blue Marvel if you plan to T2 him and Black Panther if you plan to T3 him and build him defensively. Cap is your best option honestly.

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