I’m a relatively new player.

I’m a relatively new player. I am mostly interested in growing my roster to push high stages of WBU, GBR and hopefully break into the top 0-1% or 1-10% of Vib. TLB. Right now I’m hovering just over 80% vibranium (enough to avoid dropping down). To the question(s):

As old as Nova is, is he worth investing in now?

Same question for Jean Grey.

Same question for Adam Warlock.

Which if the above three would be the most beneficial for my goals?

I’m probably between 1 and 2 months from JG, can buy AW next time there’s a crystal spend event, would MRUT and MT2 Nova as soon as I get 10 bios.


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  1. Yes and no. He's still meta in TL, but there are many characters that are better and easier to obtain.

  2. Absolutely. She's still top 3 and arguably #1 for TL with the right set up.

  3. He is a massive luxury and there are better easier to obtain characters.

Of those 3 Jean Grey is the best.

T3 Cap built defensively with a CTP of Refinement will get you to and keep you in the Top 10% of Vibranium. Same for T3 Spidey with a CTP of Destruction. 70/25 IW Thanos with Authority does the same. T3 Black Panther built defensively with a Refinement will do the same. T3 Deadpool built defensively with a Destruction or Authority will do the same. A 70/25 Quicksilver with Uni and an Authority will do the same. The CTPs are not mandatory, except for Cap, but they will be extra helpful. Blue Marvel and X-23(with uni and takes a lot of building) can beat almost any meta.

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Jean is probably the only sure thing of those three characters, simply because she has a movie coming soon (good chance of a uniform and getting the Potential bump) and is one of the highest profile characters in the Marvel universe. She's also still one of the most powerful and versatile MFF characters even with her disadvantage of being lvl 60 T2.

Nova and Adam are in the same situation. They're both really good TL characters, but aren't useful in any other mode. Their path to lvl 70 and T3, or even getting a new uniform is unclear.

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Dont think mff ever relates to xmen movies (days future past, apocalypse).. not expecting uni but probably a bunch of phoenix feathers given out or special xmen packages in store

She will get a uni at some point for sure. Maybe not for Phoenix, probably not honestly, but since Disney will own Fox soon she will get a bump.

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  1. Nova is definitely still worth the investment. At T1, he’s an easy SL clear up to stage 25. At T2 he’s a PVP god with his ignore iframes and pierce everything on his 2nd skill. He performs very well in PVE as well.

  2. Jean is also definitely worth the investment. She’s still arguably the best character in the game, even though she has no uni or level 70. She’s unbelievably good in PVP with her multiple iframes, guard hit, healing, debuff removal leadership and full revive. She’ll definitely help you in TL. She’s also very good in PVE, able to clear high stages of Maw WBU and any SL stage she’s eligible for. The highest WBU level she can reach is lower than the likes of SW and DP but this is due to the fact that she has no uni and can only go up to level 60. Once she gets a uniform and potential, she’ll be right back at the top.

  3. Warlock is not worth it imo. He’s a decent character, but there are so many characters that perform better than him but are so much cheaper to unlock and build up. He costs as much as an epic quest deluxe pack. With one of those, you get a very good character (Magneto or Psylocke), a mission that allows you to farm between 18-22 of that characters bios every day, extra rewards from the missions completed in each epic quest so you’ll get 1500 crystals back and access to one of the best characters in the game at the moment (Jean or Stryfe). No contest. Don’t buy Warlock, especially if you’re new.

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Thanks for the tips. I’ll go with Nova in the near term while I continue to work on Jean. That is, assuming there’s a good deal on a MT2 ticket this coming week.

I would advise against Nova for the MT2 honestly. There are better TL options that do not cost money.

I don’t mind spending a bit of cash on Nova, so he seemed like a good option for a quick boost on TL. Who are the other characters who are better? If I can build them in a reasonable time then I might take them instead, but Jean is over a month away, DP is even further if I’m talking about T3. Does anyone else have an ignore i-frames ability?

How close are you to Quicksilver? T2 Spider-Man? Nova isn’t a bad choice by any means, he’s great, I just trying to let you know there are other options. By all means grab Nova. I’m not against spending money personally I’m VIP11 so I’ve spent quite a lot.

I have QS at 5* / 50 with enough R1 BAM to get 6*, but bios will take a few more days to hit 60. Spider-Man is at 60/T2 with a CTPP, but he seems to get obliterated more often than not, especially with all the Jean Greys around. QS and JG are my biggest annoyances, i seem to handle others reasonably well, especially with Psylocke, even though she’s got a Mind/Mind/Atk Proc. Her 3 and 5 seem to have favorable iframe priority.

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Jean is still one of the most useful character if not the most useful, in the game. People who are telling that her dps is not toe to toe with current lv70s, will boast good about her when she gets her lv70 bump. She is still a threat in TL with one of the best leaderships in the game. Nova on the other hand is a one hit K.O. in TL but there are still better choices which does not require insane grinding and are cost effective too. Adam has fallen off the meta. May be with gotg3 uni, he catches up with the meta, but still its a pretty long time ahead to come. Tl;dr definitely get jean > get Nova if you like him> hold up a little for adam.

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Thanks for the tips. I’ll go with Nova in the near term while I continue to work on Jean. That is, assuming there’s a good deal on a MT2 ticket this coming week.

GotG3 uni in 2020?

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