What special mission character should I go for?

What special mission character should I go for? Relatively new player here.

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As a new player, you’ll need quite a few villains for SL. I’d recommend you farm all the Spideys rogues gallery villains first. Start with Sandman or Mysterio as they’re both very good for SL. They can both also easily get 100k in abx at T2 on combat villain and blast villain days respectively. Sandman can do it with some difficulty at T1 as well. Sandman at T2 can clear any stage he’s eligible for up to around 25 at T2. Mysterio is more suited to rumbles as his skills lock the enemies in place and target multiple enemies. He’s very good in blast rumbles and villain rumbles. After getting those two, Kraven is another good option. He has below average dps but very good survivability and crowd control. He can clear villain wave modes pretty easily. The shifter in those missions is vulture. He’s an amazing character who has great damage and survivability with 3 iframes. He can clear any SL stage he’s eligible for at T2 and can clear 100k in abx on speed villain day. In fact, he’s the best f2p option for that day in abx. Vulture and Mysterio are also extremely good in AC due to all the iframes they have. Rhino and Lizard aren’t great, but they’re worth farming for two reasons. The first is that you’ll get vulture bios from their missions. You can get an average of 7-13 bios per day. The second reason is that after getting them all to 6*, you’ll get a mega mythic uniform ticket from the quest pack. This is an extremely valuable item and as far as I know there’s no other way to get it without spending a ton of cash. After this, Crystal is another very good character to farm. She’s always an easy SL clear even at T1. Inferno is the shifter for the inhumans missions and he’s a great character with his uniform. I’d definitely recommend building him up and getting the uni.

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Inferno is the best character from Special Missions but he's only a Shifter meaning he has a chance to show up during missions - not guaranteed. He is only in the Inhumans Special Missions. Vulture is the second best and he is also a shifter and only in the Spidey's Rogues Gallery Special Missions. After those two Crystal is excellent and probably the best easy to obtain Special Missions character. Mysterio would be after her then Sandman then Kraven. Those are the only ones really worth taking to T2 that can be helpful and even then all of those except for Inferno and Vulture are really only good for Shadow Lands and somewhat in Alliance Conquest. Songbird, Lizard, and Rhino aren't terrible characters, solid B Tier, but they're nothing to write home about. All the rest are pretty bad. Karnak can be decent with his uniform and White Tiger is decent as well.

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Personally, I’d rate Vulture, Mysterio and Sandman above the likes of Inferno and Crystal due to the fact that they’re villains, which is more valuable in SL, especially for a new player and they can each clear 100k on their respective abx days with little difficulty which is also very valuable to new players. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Inferno and Crystal but the other three are just more useful.

Inferno is capable of clearing premium levels of WBU which those three definitely are not. WBU premium booty chests have the chance to give rewards infinitely more valuable than ABX. Sandman & Vulture can get 100k, but it’s not easy. Skurge is much better than Sandman and not difficult to build. Cyclops, Inferno, Iron Man, War Machine, Yellowjacket are better than Mysterio. Iron Man and War Machine are much easier to build than Mysterio. All of this is for ABX. They still have great value in SL though being villains so that is completely correct.

Inferno can definitely clear high WBU stages I’m aware of that, but new players won’t really focus on WBU and ABX and SL are more important. Vulture is the best F2P option for speed villain day. Vulture does take some effort to hit 100k as he tends to focus on one enemy and his skills don’t have much AoE but the only other option is buying a bio sub for Ghost. You may be right about Skurge. I’m not going to comment on Skurge as I don’t have him, but my Sandman gets 100k pretty easily. The others you’ve mentioned are very good characters, yes but they’re not villains. Mysterio is a very good option for the blast villain day in ABX. Due to the high AoE from his skills, he posts respectable scores and easily hits 100k. I know you mentioned Yellowjacket, but his survivability is a little lacking from my experience due to the fact that most of his iframes are just partial iframes and the frost beast easily oneshots him. I would definitely rate Mysterio above Yellowjacket. You are 100% correct about these three not being able to do much in WBU tho. I’m not going to argue that. However, Mysterio and Vulture are very useful in AC and do tend to punch above their weight a lot of the time.

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