Best 5 premium characters to use MRUT on?

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Luna Snow, Ghost Panther, Gambit, Nova (not premium but rare enough), Anti-Man

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>Nova (not premium but rare enough), Anti-Man (same with Nova) Like I said...premium characters.

Then Weapon Hex and Agent Venom

I would say 2099 over Venom.

2099 has lost its glory in PVP since so many character can counter him now. Agent Venom with uniform can do well in the 20s, close to stage 30 of WBU Proxima. I would rank Agent Venom over 2099.

How good is Ironheart

Not good. Has decent survivability but her damage is pathetically low. A C-tier character at best. Definitely not worth the MRUT.

Garbage she is not even in the question

😂what a waste of character I made then. I picked her, Luna and 2099.

Sorry to hear that lol. She is not bad though, good DPS and awesome leadership, but in terms of paywalls, nowhere near worth her price due to better options.

I'd save my tickets then ;) Can I use it on Colossus?

Collosus is not a bad choice he is a pretty unreliable shifter and a t2 requirement for Stryfe, getting him to 6* would make your life a lot easier so he is definitely a good candidate.

>he is a pretty unreliable shifter I don't understand that >getting him to 6* Im only doing it cus it's compulsory to get him to 3* to progress in the DP quest. Sadly DP quest outrageously material and crystal demanding

Deadpool requires him to be 5* as well I say he is an unreliable shifter because he is not guarenteed to appear and you have to force close the game every single time to get him appear and that can actually take up to 30 mins just to get 2 or 3 bios

I'll keep that in mind Thanks

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