Hi, today i got my first CTP of transcendence.

Hi, today i got my first CTP of transcendence. On wich character should i equip it. Dr Strange?

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No. Go for Spiderman or Loki/Corvus Glaive depending on who you use more and enjoy playing with.

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I have iron spider at tier2, am slowly griding loki to tier2 and corvus at 1*

You can give it to Spidey then. He becomes really good for Timeline with it. Some people suggest CTP of Destruction for him but that is rare as hell, and almost no way to get it by F2P means. Loki can manage all the stuff he is good for with just his uni and T2 I guess, and Corvus, well if you love the character you can wait till you get him to 6* to equip it on him.

I’ll go for Spidey

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