Hi guys, I am currently progressing the X-Force epic quest and got the quest that wants 500 norn stones of speed.

Hi guys, I am currently progressing the X-Force epic quest and got the quest that wants 500 norn stones of speed. What are some of the ways I can get them?

I also heard generally the recommended progression for epic quest is Dr Strange, X-men then X-Force. Any reasons for that? Thanks all for the help given!

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Play wbi. You get tons overtime, I try to get 10+ run each day since I play on my way to work/way back from work. 3 at the start of my trip,3 at the end of it. You get bios that set you up in the future for nat2 too

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Go to your lab and use the item shop! Sometimes there will be packs of 25, 50, or 75 you can buy with gold or pink stuff. I've upgraded my shop to like Lvl 5 and it's pretty worth it. Send your guys on missions in the lab as well to rack up some Lab Tokens as well.

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Ahh shit! I been neglecting my warp device....not sure if it is still relevant but I read on an article dated 7 months back the focus is shop to lvl 11, lvl 15 processes and I think lvl 12 converter? Is that still the relevant lab setup for newbies like me? Or has it shifted? Thanks for the help!

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You can get Norn stones of speed and omnipotence through villain seige by using chaos token. That's the fastest I have seen so far. As for combat and blast, convert the above from sheild lab.

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Ahh I see, however is it worth it to use chaos token to get my Elsa to 6* before I start buying norn stones with them? I heard she has a good leadership or striker skill I can’t remember which. Thanks again

Well I haven't used Elsa yet. But i don't think any of those characters which can be bought with the tokens are any good except perhaps Ant-Man. Also beside norn stones, you can use it to buy black antimatter and norn stones of chaos which will be very useful in game(not very, most useful). So, my advice don't waste it on bios, use the tokens to buy Norn stones (regular and chaos), and black anti matter.

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