Are the NOVA and AntiMan packages worth the price?

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No, 400 bios may not be enough to t2 them.

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To that point, would it be advisable to use ruts and advancement tix to reserve the bios?

What do you mean? I'm saying AFTER using tickets to get them to 6\* plus an advancement ticket, the 400 bios may still not be enough to get all their gears to 20. The best thing to do is get a Mega T2 ticket, it guarantees that you'll get the characters to t2, provided they're at 6\* before hand.

Oh I see. That makes things a little clearer. Thank you

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That is up to you tbh. They are good characters Antiman is a top tier ABX scorer along with WBU and his DPS is on par with Cable, the highest DPS character in game. Nova is a PvP God and more than holds his own in ABX and WBU.

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I think I'll snag both! I kicked myself for not grabbing them the last time they came around. Thanks for the confirmation. Also, thank you for all your help. I read your responses to all the questions asked and I'm glad there are people in the community willing to take the time to help others out. You shine above all in that.

No problem appreciate the kind words

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