Hey guys, what's a good team to go with Ragnarok Hulk?

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What game mode Highball?

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None in particular. Didnt know there was a difference. Thanks for replying!

Just asking if you’re focusing on PvE (WBU) or PvP (AC & TL)? Can help us all steer you in the right direction.

Ah, thanks! PvE then, thank you! :)

So - He crushes PM WBU (up to around 25’ish if memory serves) and has great survivability. Can also proc on 2 of his skills for huge DPS - which is nice and he’s a great striker. I feel like he’s always out there spinning on PM. Take the uni to Mythic and you get a CTP mi amigo. I pair him with BW and Thor in AC. Some nice bonuses there. Will work in other modes as well. Semi-pro tip: anyone you want to see all potential bonuses on, just select them as your lead in any game mode. Then - at your 5 o’clock just to the left of the start button there will be a three headed symbol that sorta mimics the 3 character play in the game (1 Lead and 2 others....). Press that button and there is a short cut to see every potential bonus that toon can have. Helped me in SL when I started. Hope it helps you baby!!!!

Great! Thank you so much for the tips! :)

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